Change the conversation

from rude to respect

If you're tired of rude remarks or interactions about your health condition, or the condition of someone you care about, help change the conversation. Tell us what you're tired of, and what you'd like to happen instead.

I challenge people to stop staring at me. Next time, remind yourself everyone is different; sometimes the differences just aren't apparent.
Christine Iowa
step 1

Rude | Don't do THAT!

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I challenge people to stop assuming how to help me navigate on my crutches. Next time, please ask "Do you want help and, if so, please instruct me what would be of help."
Herman Montreal
step 2

Respect | Do THIS instead!

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Tell us the interaction you would like to have.
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I challenge people to stop shouting at me when they notice I wear a hearing aid. Next time, politely inquire if there is something they can do to help us communicate efficiently.
Daniel North Carolina